2 Way SMS, Run SMS marketing campaigns & polls

2 Way SMS Allows you to receive inbound text messages direct to your AussieSMS inbox or system applications.

You can easily receive messages by making use of your AussieSMS inbox or our HTTP programming interfaces, and you can do it from the same account you already use to send messages.

2-way SMS requirements:

  • Sign up for an AussieSMS account if you are not an existing user
  • Use our free public virtual mobile number or apply & rent private virtual mobile number to bind bidirectional messaging & allow us to route all your inbound messages.

Stop commands - automatic unsubscribe:

AussieSMS has implemented a stop command system in line with Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman requirements. The system will ensure that a mobile user's wish to unsubscribe is honoured.

Example: A handset sends in one of the following case-insensitive keywords (STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE or QUIT) we will automatically unsubscribe it from your grouped contacts into your unsubscribed grouped contacts & we will notify you via email.

2-way SMS benefits:

  • Auto-save new incoming sender numbers
    This will automatically save new incoming sender numbers of the messages you receive, Firstname and Surname are derived from the message first 2 words. You can also run prize draw competitions and draw the winner after the competition.
  • Auto-reply incoming messages
    This will automatically reply incoming messages you receive, you setup a saved template message to be send.
  • Auto-forward incoming messages to email
    This option will allow you to be emailed the messages you receive.
  • Telstra mobile number
    The number we provide is a Telstra network mobile number, this will ensure message delivery from any network. Setup will take 3 to 5 business days
  • Address each recipient by name using FIRST_NAME or LAST_NAME or FULL_NAME variable to automatically insert your contact's name into your message.
  • Generate marketing polls from Lead keywords
    A lead keyword can be found in the messages that you receive and AussieSMS will allow you to generate a report of customers who replied based on responses. Our system will take you through a wizard to generate dynamic poll results based on context keywords queried.

What does it cost?

NO contracts or sign up fees to use 2 Way SMS, you only simply pay to send the message to mobile phones & we do not charge a switching fee for replies.

Virtual mobile number options:

Public virtual mobile number

You can use this number at no extra charge, if you wish to use this number please let us know & we will assign it to your senderIDs

Private virtual mobile number

Setup is $200.00 and and ongoing monthly rental fee of $34.95 which you can cancel at any time. Please send us an email if you wish to apply for a private virtual number & we will send you the relevant information

The cost per SMS varies depending on the volume purchased with one flat rate from as low as 8c a text to local & international mobile destinations.

Existing users

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